Storied Woman of the Earth SoulCollage® Circle

Every woman is a Storied Woman of the Earth. Every woman has within her stories of love, loss, adventure, betrayal, risk, joy, heartache, and triumph. With an emphasis on self-reverence, the Storied Woman of the Earth SoulCollage® Circle is a sacred circle of women gathering to honor their divine feminine wisdom and their wild, juicy, storied lives.

Infused with poetry, music, symbols, visualization, journal writing, and special guest appearances, participants will engage in the deep, intuitive process for creating a sacred, personal deck of cards, expressing aspects of their unique essence, story, dreams, influential allies, animal energies, and archetypal patterns that speak directly to, and from, their soul.

The process is creative, involving the collection of images that are selected intuitively to create a personal poetic expression. Participants will learn to consult their cards for guidance and self-understanding, alone or in a group. No artistic skill or experience required!

Circle Intensives Include:

  • Opening grounding meditation for connecting with your pure essence
  • Joyful facilitation of the process in a fun and supportive environment
  • Blank SoulCollage® cards (8” x 5”) and all materials for creating your cards
  • Inspiring music, light snacks and beverages
  • Special guest appearances (TBA)
  • An experience of soul deepening with other women

Upcoming 2015 Workshops:

Winter 2015 TBD, in West Oakland, California (two blocks from the West Oakland BART station)

For first timers to SoulCollage®: $79

11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

For card making only: $47

Noon to 4:00 p.m.

Early bird discount for card making only by the second Sunday of the month: $39

Register with a friend for card making only: $74

For card readings only: $20

Winter 2015 TBD, West Oakland, California (two blocks from the West Oakland BART station), 11:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

Bring your finished cards for powerful group readings and multiple card spreads. Treasure the deep wisdom and perspective that each card has to offer.

Details will be sent once your registration is complete.

 ”Eileen created a loving, sacred space to explore and connect with the deeper aspects of myself through images. Her SoulCollage® workshop is wonderful and fun.” ~ Jeri Lawson, Healing Touch Practitioner

“An amazing opportunity to open up in an easy environment with such a fulfilling and creative task.” ~ Lauren P.

“I liked the intimacy of a small group. A very relaxing experience. A warm, sharing environment.” ~ Trish

“It was a beautiful journey to explore my soul. I loved the whole experience. Thank you.” ~ A.S.

“Love the intuitive process, letting the beauty out, the connection to the images and their new meaning.” ~ Kathleen Wade

“I loved the ease of creation…It was deceivingly simple, and yet, unbelievably deep.” ~ L.P.

“The SoulCollage® workshop was fantastic. Eileen has created a really unique and soul-filled way to begin the long journey into ourselves. ~ Mary Welty-Dapkus, Intuitive Life Coach

“I enjoyed the freedom and space to trust myself. I was vulnerable, but safe…a sign of intimacy for me. Thank you for reflecting me back to me. ~ C.C.

“There are some things that you do in life that act as a bridge from one stage of your life to another. It is as if you are getting a look at your future…after an assessment of your past. Composing a collage…using the cards…Eileen’s guidance…this process was fabulous and acted as such a transition for me.” ~ Kristina P.

“Didn’t know what to expect. I attended the workshop and found myself amazed at the creative process. I was safely challenged to allow myself to express feelings by means of interaction within the group and art. I look at my cards daily and am amazed at the richness of this workshop. I would highly recommend this experience.” ~ K.S.