Silent Reverence Walk

When we carve out time in our life to commune with nature in silence, and bring our life questions for reflection, we strengthen our connection with our inner voice, the Earth, and community.

Nature is the great original healer, and the truth is, we need to connect with her regularly. We need to breathe fresh air, touch the Earth, and allow nature to infuse our cells and soul with its healing medicine.

The Silent Reverence Walk is not about speed, fitness or endurance. It is designed to support you in deeply connecting with place, wildlife and your inner voice.

The day will include an Opening and Closing Circle; silent walking and journal writing; an opportunity to reflect on personal life questions; and making sacred offerings to the land.

This will be an intimate gathering limited to 9. Registration payment secures your seat in the circle. You will receive a What-to-Bring list and complete details once your registration is complete.

Gift yourself this intimate day of rejuvenation, connection and healing immersed in nature!

Upcoming Silent Reverence Walk

This is an event for adults.

Winter 2015

Details forthcoming

Cost: $40