Handstitched Embellished Milagro

A milagro is translated as miracle in Spanish and is a traditional Latin American talisman or charm offered as thanks for blessings received or as requests for divine assistance.

Typically offered at shrines and sacred sites, a modern day milagro can be placed anywhere one wishes to express gratitude or request aid, guidance or blessings. Whether elaborate or humble in their construction, all milagros are worthy acts of devotion or reverence.

No artistic skill or experience required!

Milagro Workshop:
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Full day workshop includes:

  • Opening guided meditation for unleashing your creative spirit
  • Assorted fabrics, floss, and embellishments for making your milagro
  • Scissors and other necessary tools for creating your handmade milagro
  • Inspiring music, a homemade vegetarian lunch and beverages
  • Participants are invited to bring their own embellishments to personalize their milagro.
  • Closing reflection circle and sharing

2015 Workshop: $129
Date and location to be announced.
Address and details will be sent once your registration is complete. 

Early Bird Discount by…: $119