Despacho Blessing Bundle

The Despacho originates from the Q’ero, the Quechua-speaking indigenous Andean people of south-central Peru. A despacho is literally a message of great importance, a “dispatch” that is made as an offering of thanksgiving or atonement, or as petitions for assistance or guidance.

The ceremonially prepared despacho bundles, or prayer offerings, contain a collection of tiny recados, or sacred items, wrapped in small pieces of paper or fabric. Recados include objects of symbolic meaning, such as sweets, seeds, pebbles, plant material, tiny squares of metallic paper, metal charms, tiny shells and more. Despachos can be prepared for specific purposes, such as attracting prosperity or love, healing, safe travel, gratitude, forgiveness, reciprocity, or guidance, and are tailor made for the recipient.

The despacho creation process is an intimate and deeply meaningful reverence practice. The finished bundle makes a supremely beautiful and unique offering filled with pure intention.

Half Day Workshop includes:

  •  Opening guided visualization to create sacred space for focusing on the beloved recipients of the despacho offerings
  • Special paper or fabric, assorted found objects, twine, glue, and scissors
  • Participants are asked to bring tiny personal items of symbolic meaning related to the purpose of their despacho and the intended recipient, such as small photographs or representations of people, hand-written prayers or poems, flower petals, herbs, shells, or other specially selected items.
  • Closing sharing and reflection circle

Despacho Workshop: $69
11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. in West Oakland
Address location and details will be sent once your registration is complete.