A Year of Reverence

A Year of Reverence is 52 weeks of gratitude, devotion and grace in the form of once-a-week, all year long poignant words and images designed to inspire and bathe you in reverent wisdom and beauty.

A Year of Reverence is rich nourishment for recovering a sense of joy, connection, and meaning. Receive a message direct in your inbox each week in celebration of all that is sacred.

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“I just love getting A Year of Reverence in my inbox! I highly recommend it.” -Nola Wood

“I love receiving these beautiful, gentle emails in my inbox every week. The photos are soul-centering, and the quotes chosen and comments added are “just right,” not too long and not too short. Really, they are a breath of fresh air in my otherwise sometimes-chaotic, sometimes-dusty weeks! I actually feel that reverence is becoming part of my consciousness now in a way that it wasn’t before. I need to make a SoulCollage® card for that!”
-Anne Marie Bennett