• Above all things, reverence thyself. —Pythagorus

A Year of Reverence

A Year of Reverence is 52 weeks of gratitude, devotion and grace in the form of once-a-week, all year long poignant words and images designed to inspire and bathe you in reverent wisdom and beauty.

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Silent Reverence Walk

The Silent Reverence Walk is designed to support you in deeply connecting with place, wildlife and your inner voice.

It includes journal writing, interesting tidbits on native plants, animals, myths, the indigenous people of the land, and an opportunity to reflect on a personal life question.

Gift yourself this intimate day of rejuvenation, connection and healing immersed in nature!

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Storied Woman of the Earth SoulCollage® Circle

Every woman is a Storied Woman of the Earth.

With an emphasis on self-reverence, the Storied Woman of the Earth SoulCollage® Circle is a sacred circle of women gathering monthly to honor their divine feminine wisdom and their wild, juicy, storied lives.

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Despacho Blessing Bundle

The Despacho originates from the Q’ero, the Quechua-speaking indigenous Andean people of south-central Peru. A despacho is literally a message of great importance, a “dispatch” that is made as an offering of thanksgiving or atonement, or as petitions for assistance or guidance.

The despacho creation process is an intimate and deeply meaningful reverence practice. The finished bundle makes a supremely beautiful and unique offering filled with pure intention.

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Handstitched Embellished Milagro

A milagro is translated as miracle in Spanish and is a traditional Latin American talisman or charm offered as thanks for blessings received or as requests for divine assistance.

Whether elaborate or humble in their construction, all milagros are worthy acts of devotion or reverence.

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Ideal for couples, lovers, or individuals wanting to reawaken and deepen connection with a significant other, Naikan is a beautiful and intimate reverence practice ideal for reflecting on our foremost relationships.

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