About Eileen

I love my name, Eileen, and I love being a woman.

Eileen means light, beautiful bird, and desired, depending on where the name originates from.

I am a proud daughter, sister, mother, friend, and lover.

I am also a reluctant writer, closet artist, and passionate earthkeeper.

My people come from Lithuania, Germany, England, Ireland, and the land of the Ojibwe Nation.

I cry easily and used to think it was an unfortunate failing. I now believe it is a sign of health, and healing for the Earth.

I do everything slowly. Like Margaret Dulaney, I don’t think anything good should be hurried.

I am a supreme listener, loyal friend, and I make a hearty lentil stew.

I cherish vulnerability, integrity, wisdom, honesty, playfulness, creativity, compassion, patience, and generosity.

Not too long ago, the spirit of Reverence visited me by way of my ancestors, the Earth, and three key relationships.

This spirit poignantly touched me, chose me to speak her name, and to reintroduce her essence and worth to the world.

She is the foundation of the world’s indigenous groups, and was once the way of our earliest ancestors.

For centuries, she has been forgotten and unacknowledged.

She has returned to be remembered, spoken, honored, and celebrated.

Our Earth, oceans, and animals desperately need her, as do our families, governments, corporate leaders, educators, religious and spiritual leaders, and the millions of inhabitants who share this planet, our home.

With reverence, we can grow our hearts and heal the Earth.

It is that simple.

A few things I revere, in no particular order…

  • the faces, voices, laughter, and tears of my family and friends
  • the enthusiastic morning kisses from my beloved pug, Mo
  • winter, spring, summer, and fall
  • my sacred, solo, silent morning walk
  • a bit of garden wherever I am
  • glorious flowers, inside and out
  • gentle breezes and mild sunny afternoons
  • a rowdy thunder and lightning storm
  • a good pair of rain boots and an umbrella built for two
  • a redwood forest, a field of mustard flowers, a country road, a ready picnic basket
  • animals and birds of every shape, size, and character
  • a good sturdy bicycle to explore country roads
  • a quality farmers’ market wherever I am
  • a big bowl of fresh, seasonal fruit in my kitchen
  • a few good books wherever I am
  • lots of quiet alone time
  • an art space where I can lose myself in wild creativity
  • a stash of quality chocolate in a few undisclosed locations
  • afternoon naps and long, hot baths
  • beeswax candles and fine Japanese incense
  • hand written letters, especially love letters
  • poetry that makes me swoon
  • the stories of my ancestors
  • the goddess throughout history
  • acoustic guitar, a soft, jazzy piano, or a sultry clarinet
  • a sturdy stock pot and a good chef’s knife
  • anything with coconut
  • fine dining, intimate conversation, a generous listener
  • chamomile tea and a good raw honey
  • a crescent moon, a starry night, a chorus of crickets and frogs
  • hugging, kissing, touching
  • a bed I never want to leave
  • an open window while sleeping
  • the sound of a distant train, a morning doodle-doo, the ocean at low tide, a soft rain
  • a special companion to share it all with

I believe in dreams and have faith in the collective goodness of the human race.

I believe that with reverence, gratitude, and reciprocity, we can heal our relationships.

I believe that if we are open to learning, willing to learn from our mistakes, to forgive, to speak our love, and have reverence for the truth, we can change the world and manifest the ultimate consciousness here on Earth.

Certifications and Degrees

M.A. Consciousness Studies
B.A. Interpersonal Communication
Training and Development Certificate
Certified Mediator
Certified in Permaculture Design
Certified in Wilderness First Aid
SoulCollage® Facilitators’ Certificate
Board Member of Urban Village Farmers’ Market Association

Work Experience

Guide/Educator in the Art and Practice of Reverence . Present
Adjunct Faculty . John F. Kennedy University . Present
Education/Community Liaison . Urban Village Farmers’ Market Association . Present
Consultant for School and Non-Profit At-Risk Youth Mentoring Programs . 2001-2006
Director of Training . Students In Business, Inc. . 1995 -2001


I donate a percentage of my annual profits each year to a worthy charity. Some of my favorites are: The Feed Foundation, V-Day, Polaris Project, Girl Effect, and The White House Project.