Calling All Storied Women of the Earth

July 6, 2012

  • Lead me not into temptation, I can find the way myself.  ~  Rita Mae Brown
The She Awakener

Every woman is a Storied Woman of the Earth…

We are daughters, sisters, friends and lovers,
mothers, grandmothers, aunts and caregivers.

We are healers, artists, teachers and activists,
hope, beauty, compassion and courage.

We are single, betrothed, married and “it’s complicated”. We are divorcées and widows too.

We come in all shapes, sizes and colors,
and we hail from every walk of life.

Mark your calendars for Sunday, July 29, 10am – 4pm in Berkeley for the Storied Woman of the Earth SoulCollage® Circle. Registration Fee: $79

With an emphasis on self-reverence, the Storied Woman of the Earth SoulCollage® Circle is a sacred circle of women gathering to honor divine feminine wisdom and their wild, colorful, storied lives.

Participants will engage in the deep, intuitive process for creating a sacred, personal deck of cards, expressing aspects of their unique essence, story, dreams, influential allies, animal energies, and archetypal patterns that speak directly to, and from, their soul.

The process is creative, involving the collection of images that are selected intuitively to create a personal poetic expression. Participants will learn to consult their cards for guidance and self-understanding, alone or in a group. No artistic skill or experience required! All materials provided!

Join me in the circle with special guest, Valerie Carpenter, and revel as she shares her journey as a Storied Woman and her thoughts on self-reverence.

Register here on my Offerings page for a seat in the circle. Workshop location and details will be sent once your registration is complete. Seating is limited!

Valerie Carpenter

 Valerie is a Sound Healing practitioner in the San Francisco Bay Area, with certifications from the California Institute of Integral Studies, the Kairos Institute of Sound Healing, Integrated Listening Systems, and the Vox Mundi School of the Voice. She has also enjoyed a distinguished career as a professional writer and actress. Drawing on a vast array of experience as a performing artist, workshop facilitator, and intrepid explorer of the shamanic realms, she offers a multi-modal sound healing approach that embraces the shamanic healing arts. She has developed effective protocols for stress relief, grounding and centering, spiritual emergence, and trauma recovery, and works with individuals, couples and groups. Valerie is the co-founder of the Bay Area Sound Healing Alliance,, and the founding director of The Vestibule Center for Sound Healing, a community resource for healing, learning, expression, and personal growth. For more information, visit

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