Recapture the Spirit of Reverence, Creativity and Wonder…

and live with more ease, joy and meaning!

The art and practice of reverence…

is the intentional and mindful observance
of honoring self, others, nature, and source
with your unique and perfect expression
of gratitude, reciprocity and devotion,
all is sacred.

It nurtures more joy, contentment, and meaning,
cultivates gratitude,
inspires passionate creativity,
kindles deeper connections,
sustains greater intimacy,
will change your life, our world,
can heal the Earth.

Sometimes feelings of lack can hover over us, despite being blessed with so much.

You can feel frustrated and even guilty for feeling unfulfilled even when you are in the midst of so much abundance.

When this happens, you have temporarily lost connection with your heart, and the daily stresses can get in the way of your expression of gratitude, love, affection and reciprocity that have burrowed deep inside you.

This can manifest itself in many ways, including caring for and supporting others while neglecting yourself, feeling unseen and unheard, feeling disconnected from yourself and others, or neglecting others due to your own disconnection from your heart.

In the meantime, something is missing in your life, but you can’t put your finger on it. The noise and distractions of daily life make it difficult to come to a place of peace and serenity…but it’s precisely this place where your inner guidance system can lead you to the answers.

Here’s where I come in.

Not too long ago, I woke up to the realization that I had spent the better part of my life supporting someone else’s dream. No matter who it was, I tended to put others’ agendas before my own. I felt invisible and powerless. And what’s more, it seemed like I was surrounded by others who were unable to express gratitude, love, appreciation, thoughtfulness.

Around the same time, I began researching the practices of reverence of my ancestors and indigenous cultures. This lead to the poignant awakening of my deep love for the Earth, which I felt a profound connection with. I imagined that she too felt unseen, powerless, and longing for a deeper connection with humans.

I started my business because…

  • I want to support others in expressing gratitude and reciprocity for all that is sacred.
  • I want to help others in cultivating deeper relationships with others and the natural world.
  • I want to share the importance of self-love, and practices of reverence for expressing love and devotion.
  • I want to bring more beauty and intimacy into the world.

This is a place where you can connect with your inner beauty and preciousness, so you can make deep, meaningful and lasting transformations.

I invite you to explore…

  • occasional musings on the art and practice of reverence.
  • profiles of everyday individuals and their personal practices of devotion.
  • fun and engaging expressive art workshops centered around reverence for self, others, nature and source.
  • contemplative retreats for honoring your most important relationships and wild nature.

What are some of the benefits that await you?

  • You will begin to forge a deeper connection with others and the natural world.
  • You will start to embrace the elegance of gratitude and reciprocity.
  • Expressing your love and devotion will become joyful and easier.
  • Your creative side will blossom like never before.
  • You will find more intimacy, meaning and beauty in your life.

I invite you to become acquainted with me!

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This is a place for you to bookmark and return to often, and I invite you to share it with your friends, family or anyone else who would benefit from this wonderful journey.

I am honored to have you along!

With humble reverence,